A Potential Line-Up


One of the primary goals of Queen City Brewery is to provide traditional world-class beers that are difficult or impossible to find locally. We haven’t yet finalized our initial line-up, but it will likely be something like this:

Queen City Landlady Ale: In the spirit of the complex, elegant ales of Yorkshire, England, Landlady Ale displays a multi-layered interweaving of malt and hops that belies its lower alcohol content (4.2% abv). Its unique character, derived from Golden Promise malt, a blend of Styrian Goldings and Kent Goldings hops, and a distinctive West Yorkshire yeast strain, provides a rich, inviting drinkability.

Queen City ESB: With a malt sweetness that typifies the finest Yorkshire ales, our smoothly rounded ESB provides a mighty depth of flavor, an aromatic fruitiness, and a flowery, hoppy elegance in the finish. Using a combination of high-quality English pale and crystal malts, as well as wonderfully aromatic Styrian Goldings and Kent Goldings hops, this refined amber ale is deeply satisfying. (5.2% abv)

Queen City Helles: Helles, the classic beer of Munich, was until recently the most popular beer style in Bavaria. Prepared under the guidelines of the Reinheitsgebot (the German Beer Purity Law of 1516) with German malt and hops, Queen City Helles is a gentle, delicate malt-accentuated blond lager, with a refreshing crispness and a pleasing noble hop finish. (5.0% abv)

Queen City Dunkel:  Our Dunkel (“dark”), crafted in the traditional Bavarian manner, is a deep mahogany hued lager.  Soft and elegant, with a rich, nutty palate and a malty, rounded finish, this beer is full-bodied, with a chewy texture and a firm, creamy, long-lasting head. Made from a blend of five high-quality German malts and delicate noble hops, Queen City Dunkel is distinctive yet eminently drinkable. (5.0% abv)

Queen City Rauchbier: With this beer, Queen City Brewery is proud to bring the rich tradition of Bamberg, Germany to Vermont. Fresh Rauchbier, the wonderfully smoky amber lager (essentially a smoky version of the Märzen beer style), is notoriously difficult to find in North America. In our recipe, top quality German malt is gently smoked over beech wood embers and then blended with Pilsner and Munich malts to produce a beer of startling complexity. (5.4% abv)


1 thought on “A Potential Line-Up

  1. A friend just told me about the Bike ride and link. There I spotted Queen City Brewery. I thought I knew all the Burlington Breweries. Say What.. .PAUL .. PHIL .. MONK… Can’t wait… Good Luck Guys!

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