A New Bar for QCB’s Tasting Room

We just purchased this beautiful mahogany bar for our tasting room. It is well-used, with many years of service at a local private club. We are looking forward to bringing it back to life in our new space!Ethan Allen Club's Old Bar

The Ethan Allen Club’s Old Bar – Lots of History Here.

4 thoughts on “A New Bar for QCB’s Tasting Room

  1. The bar was made by a master woodworker, Ted Bourgeois, who used to live at 39 Bradley St. adjacent to the Ethan Allen Club. Ted lived to his 90s and was the “mayor of Bradley” his last years. His house contains much of the same beautiful woodwork reflected in the bar. I’m glad it was saved!

    • Bill – Thanks so much for sharing – we knew that we had a beautiful centerpiece for our tasting room, but this makes it truly special. We will take very good care of Ted’s bar! Cheers, Paul

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