QCB’s Midsummer Update

Queen City Brewery's Ticket to Renovate.

Queen City Brewery’s Ticket to Renovate.

We received our building permit last week, exterior improvements are underway, and we will begin the interior work soon. Lots to do: a new trench drain with a pitched floor, boiler room, malt storage room, new restrooms, upgraded electrical system and plumbing, etc., etc. A little daunting, but here we go!

We also received news that our custom brewery equipment is now under construction, and it all should arrive in mid-October. That should give us enough time to brew up some holiday cheer.

Building an ADA-Compliant Entry.

Building an ADA-Compliant Entry. The bushes on the left will be removed to open things up.

QCB in Seven Days

This week’s issue of Seven Days, an excellent weekly newspaper here in Burlington, has a nice write-up of Queen City Brewery. Here’s our gang at last weekend’s Vermont Brewer’s Festival:

The QCB team (L to R): Paul Held, Phil Kaszuba, Paul Hale, Maarten van Ryckevorsel

The QCB team (L to R): Paul Held, Phil Kaszuba, Paul Hale, Maarten van Ryckevorsel. Next year, we will be pouring instead of drinking.


Federal Brewer’s Notice Approved!

An Important Milestone.

An Important Milestone.

Your tax dollars at work: The TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) are efficient! We thought that with so many new breweries applying for their federal license, it could take quite a few months to receive our Brewer’s Notice. It took only about 10 weeks with their online system. Now we just have to get our Vermont Manufacturer’s License, complete the building renovation, and install the new brewery equipment (which is currently being built). Hopefully, we will be brewing by November.