Federal Brewer’s Notice Approved!

An Important Milestone.

An Important Milestone.

Your tax dollars at work: The TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) are efficient! We thought that with so many new breweries applying for their federal license, it could take quite a few months to receive our Brewer’s Notice. It took only about 10 weeks with their online system. Now we just have to get our Vermont Manufacturer’s License, complete the building renovation, and install the new brewery equipment (which is currently being built). Hopefully, we will be brewing by November.


2 thoughts on “Federal Brewer’s Notice Approved!

  1. Are you related to the Queen City Brewing Co. I have an old button and was trying to find if it’s anywhere on line. It has a pic of wiener dog on it called Ol’ Gee Old German Brand Beer

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