QCB’s Brewhouse

Our custom brewhouse is almost ready to ship! The vessels are steam-jacketed and the configuration is set up to allow us to carry out decoction mashing. Most commonly used in German lager styles, this is a process where a portion of the mash is brought to a boil, creating some wonderful malt flavor and aroma through Maillard, or browning reactions. Can’t wait to try it out!

From left to right: Hot Liquor Tank, Brewkettle, Mash Tun, and Lauter Tun.

From left to right: Hot Liquor Tank, Brew Kettle, Mash Tun, and Lauter Tun.

Brewery Equipment Almost Ready

Our friends at Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company sent along photos of our tanks at the factory. Looks like they are almost ready to ship! In the meantime, we will be busy getting ready for their arrival. Tomorrow we will begin cutting the concrete floor for trench drain installation and other plumbing and electrical conduits. Then it will be time to build the boiler room and the grain storage and milling room. More progress pictures to come!

Brewkettle, Fermenter, Grain Hopper Brite Tank 2 Brite Tank Grain Hopper and Fermenter QCB Fermenters and Brite Tanks