Queen City Announces New Head Brewer

We are pleased to announce that Lillian MacNamara, our former Assistant Brewer, has been promoted to Head Brewer of Queen City Brewery. Lillian started with us in 2014 after nearly a decade of experience in the craft brewing community, including brewer positions with Hop’n Moose Brewing Company, Magic Hat Brewing Company, Otter Creek Brewing Company, and Oregon Trail Brewery.

As Head Brewer, Lillian will be responsible for all aspects of production and packaging of Queen City’s broad array of European-style ales and lagers, as well as developing further our “Pint Street Barrel Project” series of barrel-aged specialty beers.  She has already been working on some new recipes – her Saison is now aging in wine barrels!

Lillian has been instrumental in the early success of Queen City Brewery, and we are confident that her continued dedication and leadership will allow us to grow while maintaining our commitment to producing top-quality classic beer styles as accurately as possible.

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