Hefeweizen Release Weekend at Queen City Brewery

Ready for Summer? We certainly are here at QCB. Our new summer offering is ready and we would like to serve it at its freshest. So stop by the brewery this weekend and sample our new German hefeweizen. We believe that our traditional brewing methods and use of the finest German malt, wheat, hops, and yeast (the latter from the world’s oldest brewery) allow us to create a truly authentic version of this classic style.

World-Class Beer Without the Jet Lag.

World-Class Beer Without the Jet Lag.

Queen City Hefeweizen: Queen City’s unfiltered wheat beer, produced exclusively from German malt, wheat, and hops, is complex and refreshing. The large percentage of wheat provides a pleasant creaminess and long-lasting head, while our distinctive yeast produces subtle banana- and clove-like notes in both the aroma and flavor, which perfectly balance the bready character of the malt. (ABV 5.8% IBU 23)

It’s Pint Weekend at QCB!

Join us in the Queen City Brewery tasting room this weekend for a full pour of traditional European-style craft beer. We are open Friday from 2 to 9 PM, Saturday from noon to 7 PM, and Sunday from 1 to 5 PM. Nine beer styles on tap! Pints and 4-beer sample flights will be available.

Our 9 beers presently on tap at QCB.

Our 9 beers presently on tap at QCB.

We won’t be serving pints this Thursday, but our four-beer sample flights go great with Mexican food provided by the Taco Truck All-Stars, our regular Thursday food truck.

On Thursdays, we are joined by the Taco Truck All Stars. Delicious Mexican dishes right at the brewery!

On Thursdays, we are joined by the Taco Truck All Stars. Delicious Mexican dishes right at the brewery!

MaiBock Release Party at Queen City Brewery April 17th

Join us at the Brewery on April 17th to celebrate Spring with a tasty glass of MaiBock. This limited seasonal offering, produced exclusively from German malt and hops, displays a smooth drinkability that belies its relatively high alcohol content. With a complex malty profile, this deep golden Alpine-style lager is substantial and satisfying. Doors open at 2PM.

MaiBock Release

Queen City’s Beers Now Available in Boston!

We are excited to announce that several of our beers are now available in the Greater Boston area. Through an agreement with Craft Collective (getcraft.co), a Massachusetts distributor, restaurants and craft beer bars in and around Boston will soon have Landlady ESB, Yorkshire Porter, and Argument IPA on tap (with more to come). Adam from Craft Collective picked up the first shipment today!

Craft Collective is here! "Better Beer for the People."

Craft Collective is here! “Better Beer for the People.”

Adam and Maarten get the first QCB shipment ready for loading.

Adam and Maarten get the first QCB shipment ready for loading.

The start of a great partnership!

The start of a great partnership!

Pint Nights at Queen City Brewery!

We recently applied for a first-class liquor license, which will allow us to serve full pints in the QCB tasting room. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that we have obtained special event permits to serve pints on Fridays and Saturdays through April. Stop on by and enjoy one of our eight delicious brews in a proper glass. We are open from 2 to 9 on Fridays, and from noon to 7 on Saturdays.

A pleasant corner in QCB's tasting room.

A pleasant corner in QCB’s tasting room.

What’s the Buzz? Queen City Brewery’s Yorkshire Porter

Have you tried a pint of Yorkshire Porter yet?

Have you tried a pint of Yorkshire Porter yet?

Our Yorkshire Porter has built quite a following in recent months. Check out these comments!

“Hands down the best Porter I’ve ever had.”

“I could drink this every day. Not too heavy, good flavor and great after skiing all morning.”

“A very solid example of a porter. Hits the spot, in front of the fire, after a freezing day on the slopes.”

“Smooth, almost a sweet cream finish. Great balance and not too bitter.”

“CRIPES! Can I have directions to Queen City? If you have the chance, try this Porter. Bring extra socks. (Knocked off)”

“Delicious and smooth.”

“Only porter I like.”

“Dark porter, good flavor with solid roasty/malty fun going on.”

“Super smooth.”

“One of the best porters I’ve tasted in a while.”


“Balanced blend of chocolate and coffee, but not bitter.”

“This is an awesome, super toasty porter.”


“My favorite porter.”

“Burlington, VT makes great beers!”

“Mmmm coffee and chocolate.”

“Mmm mmm delicious. Sweet chocolate notes and a creamy dark candy smoothness. Delicious, mild.”

“Oh hell yeah. I could drink pint after pint of this!”

(All comments are from https://untappd.com/b/queen-city-brewery-yorkshire-porter/546659)

An Icy February Gets Warmer at Queen City Brewery

Friday Night Pints are back at QCB! We just received permission to serve full glasses (and samples, too) each Friday through the month of February, so stop by our comfortable tasting room for some delicious, classic beer styles. We presently have nine beers on tap, with a new, very special offering coming soon (traditionally British, at 7.5% abv and 65 ibu – can you guess what it might be?)

We have also invited Brian Stefan from Southern Smoke VT to serve as our “indoor food truck” each Friday. His flavorful dishes will surely warm us all up!

Seven Oaks 1

An FYI for everyone: We have applied for a first-class liquor license, which would allow us to serve pints regularly here at QCB. Keeping our fingers crossed…

QCB Steinbier Release Party – Friday 12/5 2-9PM

Graywacke over a beechwood fire.

Graywacke over a beechwood fire.

This coming Friday, we will celebrate the release of our Vermont Steinbier. Steinbier is an ancient alpine beer style in which the wort is heated with hot rocks to reach a boil. The resulting unique flavors of smoke, caramel, and mineral notes cannot be achieved in any other way. We only make it once a year, so stop by the brewery and try it. You’ll never taste anything quite like it!

Queen City Brewery’s First Annual Steinbier Day – Sunday, October 19th!

The brewers at Queen City Brewery on Pine Street in Burlington will revive an ancient beer style when they use hot rocks to brew their Steinbier this coming Sunday. “The beer takes on a wonderful subtle smokiness and caramelized malt flavor”, says brewmaster Paul Hale. “It’s truly unique. You’ve never tasted anything like it!”

Reviving an old brewing technique: graywacke heated by a beechwood fire.

Reviving an old brewing technique: graywacke heated by a beechwood fire.

Steinbier (“stone beer”) harks back to days when brewing vessels were made of wood, and could not be heated directly over a fire. Instead, hot rocks were lowered into the unfermented beer to bring the liquid to a boil. The style is associated with southern Austria, although examples from Germany and Scandinavia have been identified. Steinbier died out in the early 20th century, but was revived in 1986 by German brewer Gerd Borges and is now made by only a handful of commercial brewers worldwide.

Queen City Brewery will brew 500 gallons of Steinbier at their brewery at 703-B Pine Street in Burlington’s South End on Sunday afternoon, October 19th. The Vermont-sourced rocks will be heated over local beechwood in the brewery parking lot, and then lowered into the wort in a metal basket. The finished Steinbier will be available at the brewery and in Vermont pubs and restaurants in December.

It’s Time for Burlington’s South End Art Hop (and a Pint at QCB)

A proper pint of Landlady!

A proper pint of Landlady!

QCB’s tasting room will be serving pints this weekend during the South End Art Hop! Our expanded hours are: Friday 3PM – 10PM, Saturday 10AM – 10PM, and Sunday Noon to 7PM. We will have City Beer, Saint Amandus, Duchess of Antwerp, Landlady ESB, and Yorkshire Porter on tap, and some great art on the walls. 703B Pine Street, right behind Swish.