What’s the Buzz? Queen City Brewery’s Yorkshire Porter

Have you tried a pint of Yorkshire Porter yet?

Have you tried a pint of Yorkshire Porter yet?

Our Yorkshire Porter has built quite a following in recent months. Check out these comments!

“Hands down the best Porter I’ve ever had.”

“I could drink this every day. Not too heavy, good flavor and great after skiing all morning.”

“A very solid example of a porter. Hits the spot, in front of the fire, after a freezing day on the slopes.”

“Smooth, almost a sweet cream finish. Great balance and not too bitter.”

“CRIPES! Can I have directions to Queen City? If you have the chance, try this Porter. Bring extra socks. (Knocked off)”

“Delicious and smooth.”

“Only porter I like.”

“Dark porter, good flavor with solid roasty/malty fun going on.”

“Super smooth.”

“One of the best porters I’ve tasted in a while.”


“Balanced blend of chocolate and coffee, but not bitter.”

“This is an awesome, super toasty porter.”


“My favorite porter.”

“Burlington, VT makes great beers!”

“Mmmm coffee and chocolate.”

“Mmm mmm delicious. Sweet chocolate notes and a creamy dark candy smoothness. Delicious, mild.”

“Oh hell yeah. I could drink pint after pint of this!”

(All comments are from https://untappd.com/b/queen-city-brewery-yorkshire-porter/546659)