Celebrating the Heritage of Beer

Every recipe created by Queen City Brewery is based on extensive research of each beer’s unique history, cultural significance, specific ingredients (types of malt, hops, and yeast), regional water chemistry, mashing procedure (where the barley’s starch is converted to fermentable sugars), optimal fermentation temperature, and numerous other details. This research has required travel to other countries to ensure the sampling of fresh examples (for instance, our Landlady Ale and Queen City ESB recipes are the product of sampling and profiling over 60 fresh ales throughout England).

We envision Queen City Brewery’s tasting room as a place where customers can learn about the significant heritage that underpins each of our offerings. Three of the company founders are nationally ranked members of the Beer Judge Certification Program (www.bjcp.org), and each welcomes the opportunity to discuss the details of individual beer styles. For those who wish to delve further into the intricacies of beer and beer-making, we intend to offer brewing chemistry (and beer flavor chemistry) seminars, as well as beer and food pairing events in collaboration with local partners. The tasting room will also serve as a welcome destination for the local homebrewing community, which the founders have supported for many years.


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