Hefeweizen Release Weekend at Queen City Brewery

Ready for Summer? We certainly are here at QCB. Our new summer offering is ready and we would like to serve it at its freshest. So stop by the brewery this weekend and sample our new German hefeweizen. We believe that our traditional brewing methods and use of the finest German malt, wheat, hops, and yeast (the latter from the world’s oldest brewery) allow us to create a truly authentic version of this classic style.

World-Class Beer Without the Jet Lag.

World-Class Beer Without the Jet Lag.

Queen City Hefeweizen: Queen City’s unfiltered wheat beer, produced exclusively from German malt, wheat, and hops, is complex and refreshing. The large percentage of wheat provides a pleasant creaminess and long-lasting head, while our distinctive yeast produces subtle banana- and clove-like notes in both the aroma and flavor, which perfectly balance the bready character of the malt. (ABV 5.8% IBU 23)


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